Who or What is CCW’s Therapist Match-Maker?

Author – Karin Thoms (She/Her) is a passionate advocate for perinatal mental health and peer support. As the Peer Support Program Manager for Perinatal Wellbeing Ontario and a volunteer with organizations like Postpartum Support International, Karin strives to create a supportive community where parents can heal and thrive together.



At Cambrian Counselling and Wellness (CCW), our Client Care Coordinator, affectionately nicknamed –  the “Therapist Match-Maker,” is the person who connects you (a new or potential client) to your ideal therapist. Their role is dedicated to understanding your unique needs, preferences, and concerns. The Client Care Coordinator uses a compassionate approach, and they get to know you to facilitate finding your perfect therapist match. Acting as a guide, they navigate CCW’s team of Clinicians, ensuring a seamless and fulfilling experience on the path to thriving. Their magic lies in their ability to listen, empathize, and intuitively guide you toward the therapist who resonates with you. If our Clinicians’ schedules are full or there isn’t a perfect fit, the Client Care Coordinator will refer you to other therapists and resources in your area or virtually.


Currently, that ‘Therapist Match-Maker’ is me, Karin Thoms! I am a Social Service Worker student at Durham College, working towards becoming a counsellor. Using what I have learned in school and at CCW, I am focused on you, the potential client, and the reasons you seek support from a therapist. During a free consultation, we will discuss your concerns and therapy goals. I use a friendly, empathetic, and casual approach in meetings, and I am truly interested in what you are going through. My own lived experience with mental health challenges has driven me to do this work, and I am encouraged by those who invest in counselling as a way to better themselves and their future. 


The face of CCW’s Client Care Coordinator may change in the future, but their purpose will remain the same—to help new clients at CCW connect with an ideal clinician who is right for them. 


CCW’s clinicians provide support in all stages of life and specialize in a variety of modalities and types of care:


Are you considering therapy? Contact CCW’s Client Coordinator (“Therapist Match-Maker”) today and learn more about our Clinicians and who might be a fit for you and your wellness goals.

You can reach us at info@cambriancw.com or book a FREE 20-minute consultation directly HERE.

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