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Accepting individuals for addictions, anxiety, stress management, and substance use. Sliding scale spots available.



Intern & Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

Jennifer Virtue

HBA., MACP Candidate

I’m Jennifer Virtue, and I’m here to support you on a journey that may be one of the most important you’ll ever undertake. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by addiction, you might find yourself battling not just the physical cravings but also the feelings of isolation, shame, and anxiety that so often accompany this struggle. I understand how these challenges can seep into every aspect of your life, affecting your relationships, your work, and how you view yourself.

As someone specializing in withdrawal management and addiction treatment, I have dedicated my practice to helping individuals like you reclaim control and rediscover hope. My approach is compassionate and non-judgmental. I strive to provide a safe space where you can explore the deep-seated emotions and behaviors that fuel your addiction. Together, we can uncover and address the underlying issues, breaking the cycle that has held you back.

Every person’s experience with addiction is unique, and so the path to recovery should be personalized to fit your needs. By employing an eclectic mix of therapeutic techniques, I tailor our sessions to be most effective for you, ensuring we find the best approach to foster your healing and growth.

In addition to addressing addiction, we will work on building resilience and self-esteem, helping you develop strong coping strategies that enhance your ability to manage everyday stresses and challenges. This holistic focus is aimed at not just overcoming addiction but also at empowering you to lead a fulfilling, balanced life.

I am also deeply committed to understanding and integrating your personal and cultural background into our sessions, ensuring that our journey together respects and reflects who you are at your core.

Thank you for considering taking this step with me. Recovery is a challenging journey, but you don’t have to face it alone. I am here to walk with you towards a future where you feel in control, supported, and hopeful. Let’s start this path to recovery together.

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