Virtual Practicum Placements

Cambrian Counselling & Wellness accepts Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology & Social Work / Social Service Worker Student Placements three times a year (January, May, September).

We are currently accepting applications for May 2024.

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You will:

Develop a set of goals for your practicum, based on your therapeutic interests and the needs of the practice site.

Understanding and implementation of basic talk therapy techniques such as reflection of feeling, reflection of meaning, paraphrasing, and active listening.

Demonstrate and understand cultural competence and social/political issues clients may face including low income, discrimination, racism, and language barriers in order to work with a variety of clientele, in addition to higher socioeconomic status clients.

Be expected to address any issues of safety, harm, or duty to warn at the beginning of each supervision session before case presentations. 50% of the time, raw data such as clinical notes or recordings (audio or video) are expected.

Be provided 1 hour of weekly individual and/or triadic clinical supervision during the entirety of the Practicum, for a minimum total of 30 hours of individual supervision hours.

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Clinical Supervision

The goal of supervision is to promote the development of the Supervisee's professional identity and competence. The Supervisor will help the Supervisee gain knowledge, case conceptualization, and skills within the defined scope of practice. Together the Supervisor and Supervisee will understand ethics, codes, rules, regulations, standards, and guidelines (including consent, confidentiality/ privacy).

Internal Clinical supervision is available online through the Jane App and is covered by Cambrian Counselling and Wellness.


You must be available 3 days a week (5-hour shifts), including one evening.

Registered and/or in the process of registering as an RP - Qualifying with CRPO (MACP Students only).

Submit the Practicum Application CCW Form (below).

E-mail your Resume & Proof of Liability Insurance.

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