Accepting individuals, caregivers, older adults, adult families, and teens.



Registered Social Worker & Clinical Supervisor

Susan Briggs


Background & Experience:

With over 35 years of experience as a master’s level social worker, I am adept in providing clinical counselling within diverse mental health settings, catering to the needs of children, adults, and families. My extensive background includes specialized work with individuals and facing complex challenges, spanning various roles such as addressing the needs of young offenders and families across the Northwest Ontario region.

Throughout my career, I have contributed significantly to integrated children’s mental health centers, adult acute care psychiatry in hospitals, community counselling in geriatric mental health, and medical social work. My expertise extends to palliative and end-of-life care, caregiver navigation and support, long-term care, provincial correctional facilities, and as an independent contractor offering both virtual and in-person psychotherapy services to individuals spanning the entire lifespan.

Guided by an anti-oppressive critical social work and reflexive practice, I approach my work with a holistic and ecological/systems-based perspective. My clinical orientation revolves around person-centred, humanistic, and strength-based approaches, drawing influences from cognitive behavioural therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, psychodynamic theory, and structural family therapy. Embracing an eclectic and collaborative methodology, I consider the systemic, developmental, and environmental aspects inherent in each person’s situation, always viewed through a social justice lens.

As a practitioner, I advocate strongly from a foundation of cultural humility and incorporate trauma-informed practices into my work. Acknowledging the significance of intersectionalities, I prioritize the use of self and a nuanced understanding of diverse populations, ensuring that ethical practices resonate throughout the entirety of my professional engagements.

Clinical Supervision Training and Experience:

I have completed the “A Systemic Clinical Supervision Fundamentals Course,” a comprehensive 36-hour program offered by CAMFT. Additionally, as part of the Advanced MSW program at Wilfrid Laurier University in 2020, I dedicated a term to the study and practical application of clinical supervision. This involved immersive experiences such as role plays, video analyses, and continuous feedback from both peers and professors over an extended period. Throughout the course, we delved into the nuanced aspects of supervision, exploring the use of self and employing various reflection tools.

In my professional journey, I have actively taken on the role of supervising students on practicum at the undergraduate level, with a specialized focus on mental health assessment and treatment. Furthermore, I have served as a mentor to numerous emerging practitioners, offering guidance and support in various clinical settings where I have been engaged throughout my career. This collective training and hands-on experience uniquely position me to provide effective and insightful clinical supervision to those seeking guidance in their professional development.



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